scroll map Discovered in the Far Forest region of England, these remarkable scrolls date from the time of Æthelred II. Coinage with the image of Æthelred II (or the Unready), and other relics from around 1000 CE, were found at the same site.

The Far Forest Scrolls were found in five ancient chests; each one decorated with Viking runes. They were unearthed by a graduate student who risked his life and reputation to get these invaluable scrolls out to the public.

The scrolls were painstakingly translated into modern English by Professor Radek Novotny (better known as RC). As work progressed on these primeval scrolls it became clear the chests contained epic tales filled with Knights, Magicians, dragons, and mythical creatures that are sure to capture the imagination of generations to come.



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Praise for FFS

“The Far Forest Scrolls pentology is overflowing with action, adventure, magical creatures and unforgettable characters.” --NYT Fantasy Books

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