Battle of Ovest Stages

Manipulated by a hidden force, the armies of Verngaurd are about to clash in a ferocious civil war despite the looming threat from the Dark Warriors.

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Battle of Ovest Figure 1: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 2.

The insanely outnumbered Allies, led by the Knights, hope to obtain a decisive victory with a preemptive strike. Here, the Allied troops stand against the Confederate forces outside the Proliate Temple Ovest.

Hergas in Old English means armies, Beadu means battle, and dicas means trench with earthen works.

ovest battle scroll 1

Battle of Ovest Figure 2: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

Large numbers of Confederate forces descend upon the Allies.

ovest battle scroll 2

Initial battle forces

ovest battle forces

Battle of Ovest Figure 3: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

Surprised by the size of the armies in front of them, the Knights are in serious jeopardy of being outflanked. Friar orders them to retreat and regroup. However, Veli Falciss of Castle Taiheart refuses. Instead, he thins out his troops to cover the undisciplined retreat of Veli Pingius and his Knights from Castle Toil Shaor.

ovest battle scroll 3

Battle of Ovest Figure 4: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

Trying to give the rest of the Allies some much needed time to regroup, Veli Falciss and his hard fighting Knights unexpectedly charge the enemy. Hopelessly outnumbered, they are quickly surrounded.

0vest battle scroll four

Battle of Ovest Figure 5: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

Completely encircled, Veli Falciss and his troops fight for their lives. General Lidenskap of the Proliate attempts to catch the Knights off guard by bringing out an auxiliary cavalry. However, he shows his hand too early allowing the Knights to respond. Friar Pallium counters by bringing out stoova shields and ordering the Knight Cavalry to perform a wheel and fire (riding in a circle and firing arrows at the enemy).

ovest scroll 5

Battle of Ovest Figure 6: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

As the Proliate Cavalry fruitlessly slams into the forbidding Knight stoova shields, Friar orders the rear troops to peel around and outflank the mounted Proliate. At the same time, the Knight Cavalry is raining down arrows.

ovest batle scroll 6

Battle of Ovest Figure 7: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

The outnumbered Allied army faces off against the Confederates. To take advantage of their superior numbers and outflank the Allies, General Lidenskap of the Proliate is about to spread out the troops that have just finished decimating Veli Falciss and his Knights (all seven thousand five hundred Knights from Taiheart were killed).

ovast battle scroll 7

Mid-battle casualties

ovest battle casualties

Battle of Ovest Figure 8: Book Two, Chapter Six: Battle of Ovest, Scroll 3.

The Allies under Friar Pallium inexplicably begin to retreat and condense their line. Initially confused, the Confederate armies soon discover the reason the Allies are falling back. Friar is about to unleash a blistering torrent of soul jarring ambushes.

Helleséap literally means ‘pit of hell’ in Old English. Based on the description given in the scrolls, we would call it a punji pit.

ovest battle scroll 8

Ovest battle survivors

ovest battle survivors