Battle of Abhainn Stages

With Verngaurd still reeling from their disastrous civil war, total chaos ensues as Dark Warriors swarm onto the continent. The Elves of Creber find themselves fighting for their lives. With the Proliate attacking their forest from the north and the Dark Warriors from the south, they are struggling to defend their smoldering forest.

abhainn battle key

Battle of Abhainn Figure 19: Book Three, Chapter Four, Scroll 10.

The Dark Warriors have burnt a swathe of trees on either side of the Abhainn River to prevent the Elves from utilizing the water to put out the blazing trees. Using a mix of dedicated fire spreading troops and suicide infantry, the Dark Warriors are cutting their way through the outer forest, and closer to the Elves sacred birth trees.

abhainn battle start

Battle of Abhainn Figure 20: Book Three, Chapter Four, Scroll 10.

In a desperate move the Elves of Creber send a small group of warriors down the Abhainn River to hit the Dark Warriors from behind. Despite having to hold their breath for an extended period, the Elvish soldiers emerge behind the Dark Warriors and immediately start to inflict massive damage. They have to hurry, fire is about to reach their sacred forest.