Battle of Vahse Plains Stages

The deceptions leading to civil war have been exposed, causing a massive shift in alliances. The tattered remnants of Verngaurd’s warriors stand together in an uneasy coalition against the unfathomably large army of Dark Warriors.

The former enemies were forced into partnership as a life of slavery and death, or freedom, hang in the balance. Hope that Bellae, the Chosen One, can find the crystals and somehow save the world is alive, but fading quickly.

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Battle of Vahse Plains Table 1

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Battle of Abhainn Figure 21: Book Three, Chapter Six, Scroll 8.

The Proliate Temple Aon Intinn is under siege by the immense military force from across the Dark Sea. Friar Pallium and the last of the Knights have rallied every able-bodied warrior in Verngaurd in a desperate last stand against the White Wizard and his massive army of Dark Warriors.

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Battle of Vahse Plains Table 2

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Battle of Abhainn Figure 22: Book Three, Chapter Six, Scroll 10.

Using a technicality to get around their restriction of only fighting on Jaa soil, the monstrous men of Jaa join the battle. Friar’s deceptions have started to even the odds for the Allies, but they are still badly outnumbered. There are rumors the diminutive warriors of Cappadocia (Fairies, Sprites, and spriggan) are heading towards the battle. They won’t be the only surprise guests.

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Battle of Vahse Plains Table 3

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