The individual inhabitants of the three books are listed below the map in alphabetical order.

verngaurd countries map

Abernan, King: ruler of the Northern Dwarves. This fiery ruler is also in charge of the most ferocious section of the Northern Dwarf army, the red Dragon Warriors or Saatana Division. He often seeks guidance from the intelligent blue Kirvella Dragon’s.

Abhac: he is a member of the Northern Dwarves’ Cavalry, the Aer Ridire. Instead of horses, they ride green Vioma Dragons. He is friends with Knight Lovag.

Ailante: he is the head ruler, or Archerian, of the Elves of Creber. His bark-like skin has a distinctive grayish hue with tan and brown overtones which gives him a kind appearance. He wears soft gray robes.

Antiopay: Queen of Jaa, she is Princess Hamaza’s mother. She is a tough and pragmatic ruler with little sense of humor. Her allegiance swings to whomever can provide her country with the greatest security and peace.eaglians

Arachne: a guardian of the prophecy, she has a female human head and upper torso which flow into a spiders body. She has two human eyes and two spider eyes on her forehead. Two chelicera and fangs sprout from her cheeks. Four spider arms emerge from the human torso, and four from the spider-like section.

Arend: elite young Eaglian assigned to watch over squire Bellae. He comes from a prominent Eaglian family (his father is Aquila). His ancestors have been members of the League of Truth for eons. Arend underwent extensive training to guide the Chosen One with his long time friend, the Elf Kainen.

Arquero: Liberum Knight who qualifies for Tournament of Flags as an archery specialist.

Aquila: his family has been at the top of the Eaglian social ladder for countless generations. A fearless hunter and fighter, he is brave and intelligent. He is a member of the League of Truth. His son is Arend, his wife Lenella. His famous quote: “We (Eaglians) have the freedom of flight burdened by the human knowledge of the vast and cold emptiness of eternity. No other bird has such a concern.”

shadowBaiulus: steward of castle Liberum and friend of Friar Pallium. He always wears a serious and contemplative expression. Everything about him speaks of efficiency and tidiness including his shaved short hair. Even his face is well organized to avoid unnecessary effort. His eyes are small and observant; his compact nose is straight and proper.

Behalen: the black horse of Knight Lovag of Castle Liberum.

Bellae: younger sibling to twins Jumeaux and Gimelli, she is the youngest squire in Knight history. Shortly after her birth she was orphaned and taken to Castle Liberum. She was born with a gift long thought extinguished, conversing with animals. In fact, she learned to talk to animals before humans and feels more comfortable with her creature friends. This petite girl has sandy brown hair and large brown eyes. Her best human friend is fellow squire Lontas,warhounds with the eccentric cook of the castle, Cookie, a close second. Some believe she is the Chosen One spoken off in the ancient prophecy.

Boman: trainer of war hounds at Castle Liberum. Known for his gruff and simple disposition, he is not well liked.

Bondi: serves as head of Western Elves and is known for his formal and ostentatious disposition. He is famous for the gold silk shirt and pants, and the copious jewelry he adorns. His eyes are soft blue and the coloring of his mostly smooth face is tan. His distaste for the Elves of Creber is malicious and blatant.

Borb: this mouse lives under the Pantteri barracks of Castle Liberum, but loves to hide in his friend Bellae’s cloak pocket. He is a large white mouse with a black patch of fur around his right ear and circular patch around tail. He has the distinguishing characteristics of a squeaking voice and a jagged ear.

Cearta: head armorer at Castle Liberum, he is tall with a square head. His odd cranium combined with his long, beak like nose conjures up the image of an anvil. His rough chin bends down sharply, appearing to have melted after decades of sweltering next to the forge. His dark black eyes blaze like the fire he helps to control. His arms are muscular and his shoulders hulking.

Campesino: at six feet eight inches, this warrior from Ager is a huge man. A glance at his portly belly informs the onlooker of his fondness for ale and meat pie. Sandy hair flows just below his shoulders. Weapons: armored pole flails, massive broadsword, and three war hammers.

Capall-mara: this hippocamp is the mother of Ceffyl-Mor who meets the League of Truth and tries to help them solve the prophecy.

Ceffyl-Mor: this young hippocamp befriends Bellae; her mother is Capall-mara.

Chef Cookie: dedicated head chef of Castle Liberum. She is obsessed with her job and sees herself as a kitchen warrior, fighting hunger so the Knights can fight evil. Despite her passion, cleanliness is not her top priority and a very well seasoned apron stretches over her very rotund frame.

Chy (full name is Chyhrau-Nghyhyrau): this large and muscular boy is an Adjutant at the Academy of Magic. He likes to try and get kicked out of classes to hang out in his room. He is friends with Kaveri and befriends Jumeuax.

Crann: the reddish brown horse of Knight Finn. He is friends with squire Bellae. His mane is dark brown and, like all Cavalo horses from the Vahse plains, stands straight up eight inches off the crest of his head. His tail consists of thick cord-like strands that are twice the length of most horses.

Cruba: a centaur on Isle of Hirmulisko who befriends Bellae.





Dverg and Dvergur: Southern Dwarf High Council members who meet with Veneficus before the Tournament of Flags; of course, dressed in their standard ornate armor.

pisciumFalciss, Veli: the lean, mean, and aggressive leader of Castle Taiheart. Falciss greatly resents Friar Pallium and his style of leadership over the Knights. His castle is run with unyielding precision and he tolerates no deviation from his ideals. He seeks to bring austere training back to the Knights.

Fanga, Emperor: thick and volatile, it is hard to miss this boisterous ruler from Piscium. He wears a yellow cape and a gold crown studded with various pearls and jewels. He likes to carry both a large scepter topped with a shell native to Piscium called a simpukka, and a golden trident. A pepper gray beard dangles down from his plump and fiery face. Piercing sable eyes tell of a volcano of emotion bubbling below the surface.

Fenik: A fearsome warrior of the Proliator army. He is incredibly devout and is often seen leading prayer services. After the Tournament of Flags he will return to his outpost in Ragorsaf. He volunteered for that remote assignment as an offering for Tallcon.

finnFerratus Lanx: a vicious armored creature in the Desert of Calor. Their tear shaped heads are lined with armor and spikes. Their tails are hammers.

Fiacla: one of the last Daoine Crogall, or crocodile men, he has green scale on all of his body except forearms and hands. He is a guardian of the prophecy.

magifinoFinn: one of few Elves of Creber fighting with the Independent Knights. His passion is developing new weapons for hand to hand combat and siege warfare. Like all Elves of Creber he has dark brown skin with deep black ruts highlighted by a dusting of green and grey. Finn’s facial features are fine and thin, and seem so perfect in shape as to appear important. He wears leather armor with a silver tree upon his breast plate. His horse is Crann, and his squire is Bellae.

Fino: this thin, dark eyed Magician is tall and ill-tempered. He is an ambitious lackey who tries to become close to Veneficus.

Furasta: this Saatana dragon will fight the Proliator Red Guard during the Dragon Battles at the Tournament of Flags.


Gimelli: at fourteen years of age this squire for Knight Sorea is Bellae’s older sister, and Jumeaux’s twin brother. She is known for her positive attitude and kind disposition. She is sometimes referred to by the nickname, Lumi (a reference to her sunny temperament as Luminos is the second sun of Verngaurd). She and her brother Jumeaux can communicate telepathically. She has brown hair and yellow eyes.

Gleoi Dea: her mother was an Elf of Creber, and her father a human. She is a Knight of Castle Taiheart. Gleoi Dea’s skin is light tan without the harsh dark lines tracking down her face like some Elves. She rides a small, but fearsome looking, Kameli.

Gorm: a blue streaked falcon that befriends Bellae. He is a large white and brown bird with long pointed wings, each one has a thin blue stripe running down the middle.

Gretten: an irritable old guy who runs the supply store within the Academy of Magic. He is short and stocky with massively muscled arms and short deformed legs. He uses rings to swing form place to place within his circular little cage.

Grym: a small, but blustery mouse that lives under squire Bellae’s bed in the Pantteri barracks of Castle Liberum. This tiny dark black mouse is known for his gruff voice and small tail.




Hamata: a mysterious creature who lives in an oasis within the Desert of Calor. She has a lioness head, human woman’s body, and a lion’s tail. She is an eviga lejon, or eternal lion and guardian of the prophecy.

Hamaza, Princess: the stunningly beautiful princess of Jaa. She has strikingly dark black hair, smooth crisp skin completely devoid of blemish or wrinkle, and large dark eyes. She is thin but muscular.

Hephaeustus: is an armorer, blacksmith, designer, and sculptor in Castle Liberum.


Herra Isanta: a sleek well-muscled Western Elf warrior. Long black hair surrounds dark eyes. She wears black armor inlaid with gold, and a gold head band. Like all Western Elves she holds a nasty loathing for the Elves of Creber. She carries a slashing halberd that is seven feet long and ends in a spear tip.

Hullus: this is the Saatana dragon the Pantteri squad of Knights will fight during the Dragon Battles of the Tournament of Flags.

Honey: the large yellow-brown horse named for her color. Bellae befriends this horse in the stables of Liberum.


Ichor: a resident of the Dark Forest, he wears a red ruffled shirt with an ornate black surcoat and leather gloves. His boots are spotless and polished. His dress is totally out of place in his small muddy village. His dark hair is parted down the center and purposefully combed in an untamed manner. His smile reveals blindingly pristine teeth. His dark ebony eyes sit in cavernous shadows.


IleZuri: a fierce soldier with flowing blonde hair and several long braids on either side of his face. His powerful cheeks guard concave dimples and a square military jaw. His soft yellow eyes are wide and observant. He carries a large wooden bow with blades on either end. He is the protector and voice for the silent Tacet-Vand.

Isa, Friar: Pallium’s father. He is known as the Friar who squandered the Knights’ power. (Born: 36 Before the Dark Wars (B.D.W.); Knighted: 18 B.D.W.; became Friar: 1 B.D.W.; Died: 36 After Dark Wars (A.D.W.))

Jumeaux: Gimelli’s twin brother, he is also fourteen years old. While he talks tough, he is actually insecure and afraid to his core. To compensate he hides behind sarcasm which doesn’t endear him to the other squires. His well intentioned humor is awkward, mistimed, and often offensive. He is thin to a fault which makes him look tall. His Knight is the ever volatile Luchar.



Kainen: this Elf of Creber is thirteen yeas old. He is the son of Kempe and Grandson of Patuljak. He is a hereditary member of the League of Truth. Like all in his family he has been trained to guard and guide the Chosen One. This difference between Kainen and his ancestors is, the time of the prophecy has finally arrived.

Kaveri: this young man is an adjutant at the Academy of Magic. He meets Jumeaux and the two become friends.

Kempe: he is one of the largest Elves in the history of Creber. He is the son of Patuljak (the Grand Master Elf), and father of Kainen. All three generations are League of Truth members. He escorts the recently orphaned newborn Bellae and her twin siblings to Castle Liberum.

Klaufi: Lontas’ horse, an old hackney. He is so old his fur has turned grey.

Kuningas: the King of the Fairies is blustery and boisterous with voracious appetites. At only eighteen inches tall he is short even for Fairies. What he lacks in height he makes up for in girth. His wings are brown with splotches of white that resemble bird droppings. He has beady, but intense, eyes. His vivacious voice rings gleefully from under the canopy of a large nose hanging lazily from the middle of his face.


Lenella: this stately Eaglian is wife to Aquila, mother of Arend.

Lidenskap: extremely ambitious and devote Proliator General. The Knights meet him on their journey to the Tournament of Flags. Although he has a history of abhorring the Knights, he has a dream that the way to peace is to convert them to Tallcon.

Liha: a frail looking girl living in the Dark Forest. She wears a black cloak with red inside lining. Her jet black hair is straight and long.

Lontas: at nine and a half years of age his cerebral basket is overflowing while his athletic hamper is withered. He is widely regarded as the clumsiest human on the planet. His one true friend is fellow squire Bellae. Loving to read late into the night, he is often the last to wake up. Being the target of bullying has made him insecure. Lovag is his Knight.

Lovag: a devoted learner, this quiet and kind man almost became a tutor instead of a Knight. He was just too good of a fighter and loved the meticulous training required to master archery. He carries a thin scimitar sword but greatly prefers archery. His horse is Behalen and Lontas is his squire.

Luchar: this turbulent Knight is not exactly a people person. His fierceness is matched only by his temper. His stout body is thickly muscled, but he is also capable of finesse and speed on the battlefield. Dark hair and blazing eyes quickly turn red with anger. He carries a unique double concave shield. Heavy weapons are his favorite, particularly a double-sided axe and a heavy hammer with a spiked top. Jumeaux is his squire.



Mester: a Proliate warrior who fights at the Tournament of Flags. This vicious member of the Rutilus Obitus prefers to not wear red chain mail under his plate armor to allow his powerful biceps to show. On his right arm is a well-healed scar, the heaping edges make the rough image of Tallcon, where he was branded.

Mor-Leider: pirate captain of the ship Amathia. He is a native of a Ifrean, but operates out of a small uncharted island within the Dark Sea that serves as a refuge for pirates.

Musta-Yo: this large black steed is Ritari’s horse. Ritari prefers to fight from foot and does not often use this glorious horse for battle.

Necare: an ancient former Knight now residing in the Infirmary within Castle Liberum who talks with Jumeaux.

Orel: general of the Eaglians, he is a highly skilled flier and savage fighter who is close to Friar of the Independent Knights.

knightsPallium, Friar: leader of the Independent Knights, he currently resides in their primary castle, Liberum. He was a boy during the First Dark Wars. While not technically a hereditary leadership, Friar Pallium’s family has been leading the Knights for generations. It was his father, Isa, who was Friar during the devastating Dark Wars. Many blame Isa’s poor leadership and capitulatory nature on the Knight’s downfall.

Pallium has spent his life obsessing on how to be a better leader and regain the Knight’s former glory and assets. Pallium does not wear armor, even in battle, instead wearing simple gray robes. His hair is gray with a few residual speckles of black framing his blue eyes.

Patuljak: originally an Elf from Creber, he was elected as Grand Master Elf; this position is mandated to keep peace between the two Elf nations. His son is Kempe and his grandson is Kainen. Despite the sag in his ancient bark like skin, there is an unmistakable twinkle of vitality in his deep green-brown eyes. After several attempts on his life he was forced into exile and has turned his attention to his hereditary vocation, leader of the League of Truth.

Pinguis, Veli: as leader, or Veli, of Castle Toil Shaor, he relies on an apathetic approach to his leadership and training. While his Knights find his languor refreshing, Veli Falciss looks on him with abhorrence. A joyful disposition emanates from his massive girth.

Prast: a hard-liner Master Clericus. His devotion to Tallcon is extreme and unshakable. He wears dark blue robes. Long graying brown hair flows underneath a headband with a star and red phoenix. He is the Magician who delivers the message to the independent Knights that they can no longer use the title of “Friar.”

Pugnatex: a Saatana dragon who is famous for giving his life defending the Kirvella Dragons long ago against a Proliate attack.

Pumilus: he is known as one of the thinnest Dwarves alive. His bright red hair is sparse and fine, very un-Dwarf like. He was originally from the Southern Dwarf Kingdom, but was exiled due to his perceived weakness. He now lives in the Rebelde Plains and is adept at prestidigitation.

Quengeln: the head groom (stableman) of Castle Liberum. This gruff man is slouched and wrinkled by age and his ill-tempered nature. He wears a modified war helmet encased in burgundy fabric that unsuccessfully tries to tame his wild white hair.





Rhyfeler: the flamboyant constable of Liberum. He is in charge of the gatehouse and defense of the castle. He has flowing, yellow-blonde hair and a scruffy face. Brutally hard on the Knights assigned to the gatehouse and walls, he is friendly to squires. He wears a yellow surcoat with a black bird of prey.

Ritari: captain or fanrik of all Knights within Liberum. This large hulking man has black hair shaved tight above coarse facial features. He tends to lead by example. He is widely regarded as the best fighter of all the Knights. He wears a large black chest plate decorated with a central panther in relief. His shoulders are covered in black pauldron’s with panther claws. His favorite weapon is a tarvella spear, it has a tip so large and lethal it is more like a sword.

Rusty, the Varuste: the “equipment manager,” he lives at the end of the Pantteri barracks. This sincere, but simple man, is often made fun of by some of the squires and called “Crusty” or “K-Rusty.”

fairiesSanar: a well respected Parantaa or healer at Castle Liberum.

Sankari: a Fairy from Cappadocia known for her sassy wit and quick temper. Her fragile looking bifid wings beat furiously and increase with her angst. Her wings are dark brown with occasional tan spots. Coarse looking dark brown hair perches above her petite features. She is a member of the League of Truth.

Sarskil: this special forces Northern Dwarf is a member of the Vasama Division. He has dark blue eyes and sandy brown hair tied with blue Kirvella Dragon scales. He is the special liaison to the League of Truth when they come to visit.

Scelto: thirteen and a half years of age, he is the size of an average adult male with the muscles to match. Despite his large dimensions and being squad leader, he is unassuming to the point of being shy. Always kind to the underdog, he looks out for Lontas and Bellae. He is Ritari’s squire.

Seestya: master trainer of Jaa who travels to the Citadel for the Tournament of Flags where he meets the Pantteri Knights from Liberum.

Soma: a veteran Vioma Dragon that befriends Bellae. His most distinguishing characteristic is a torn right ear.

somaSorea: one of the last female Knights. A skilled mechanician, she is constantly redesigning catapults and trebuchets to go further and be more destructive. She wears her long black hair in a pony tail standing up from the top of her head. She carries a crossbow with a gold eagle head at the front. Her favorite weapon is a pair of tallons. These are two sharp blades that fit on the outside of each of her forearms. Gimelli is her squire.

Star: a fat stable cat with the Pantteri squad in Castle Liberum.

Storlax: devout High commander of all Proliate armies. He is short and stout, with very large shoulders and upper body. He wears all red armor.

Stralande: the elder of the Council of Kirvella who interrupts the Council’s dialectic to focus them on Bellae. Tattered and bent, a pair of glasses tenuously hang on the end of his snout. His ancient blue scales are ragged and fraying.

Sumar: a weak and sickly boy, his greatest dream is to be a Knight one day. He meets the Knights at the Tournament of Flags.

Surkea: she has two boys (Hengeton and Kuollut) from the village of Kippe. Wrought with grief she was driven mad by their death. The Knights from Liberum visit the village after receiving a call for help.

Svika: a poor villager who directs the Knights as they travel to the Tournament. His daughter is Vanalia and wife Koniena.



Tacet-Vand: he was cursed to wander the earth and have magic, but also has no voice. IleZuri does his talking. He is a balding man in a gray robes. His bushy eyebrows, kind brown eyes and long curly beard that made him seem friendly despite the obvious power brewing below the surface. Several mysterious looking vials hang from an ornate belt.

Tarha, King: King of Ager, he is a hulking man. Time and a hefty appetite have slouched his once ominous size. He wears a simple brown leather cape, shirt and pants. The only distinctive part of his attire is a gold scepter.

Teyol: one of the rulers of the independent minded Rebelde Plains. He is the human representative. Mismatched armor is worn over a grubby brown shirt and pants. He carries four scimitar swords, two on each side on his waist. He has dark brown hair and skin to match his dark eyes. He is known for his quick temper.

Trolleri: this portly magician barely made it through his training. He meets a few squires from Castle Liberum, but wishes he hadn’t.

Udistus, King: reigned over the Proliate Islands from before the Dark Wars. He had a series of dreams outlining the oncoming attacks by the Dark Warriors, how to overhaul their military, and the true way to worship Tallcon. Almost overnight he transformed the Proliators from a backwards country to a well oiled military machine. He enacted several great changes including an alliance with the Magicians.

Uusi: this thin and quiet girl is a secondary squire to Knight Ritari. Her features are petite and fine as if even her characteristics were trying to blend in and not call any attention to themselves.

runorVakava: one of the rulers of the Rebelde plains, he is a Dwarf. His ancestors were some of the first to develop prestidigitation while living in the Southern Dwarf Kingdom centuries ago. When they complained prestidigitation was being misused, they were banished from the mines and traveled to the Rebelde Plains, bringing the art of prestidigitation with them. He wears a loose fitting gray tunic with chain mail under it. His beard is trimmed and tight like you would see on a Dwarf only in the Rebelde Plains.

Valkea: this elderly village leader is easily recognized with his long white beard. He has a painful discussion with Friar Pallium after the Knights answer a call for help.

Valo: these magical floating lights in Veneficus’ office have a foul temper and earned their nickname of floating crab apples. These round balls of illumination have human faces but no appendages. Their names: Alberto, Alfonso, Allessandro, Carmine, Deangelo, Enzo, Giovanni, Ignazio, Nino, Peppino.

Vanalia: a young girl from a poor village not far from the Northern Dwarves. Her father is Svika. She had a distant relative who was a Knight, Dana. She and her family travel with the Knights to the Citadel for the Tournament of Flags.

Varg: this Knight is the squad leader of the Ulven, or wolf squad, of Liberum. Varg has a wolf’s head, the symbol of their squad, draped over his helmet and part of its pelt down his back. He carries a weapon called a tappaja (a savage axe sits on one side of a four foot long pole; on the other is a dismounting or disemboweling hook).

Velox: Proliator who is regarded as the fastest man in Verngaurd. Like Fenik, he volunteered to go to Ragorsaf outpost for the glory the harsh conditions would garner.

Veneficus, Supreme Master Magician: eons old, no one knows or can fathom his age. He has been protector of Verngaurd for all recorded history. He has battled his arch rival, the White Wizard, down through the ages-striving to keep him and his hordes in Ifrean and out of Verngaurd. His robes are blue with yellow stars. The largest of the mindre crystals rests on his crosier. His wizened face is hemmed in a gray goatee. His mostly gray hair is down to his waist and sometimes in a ponytail. He rides Runor, a pegasus.

Virone or Vir: a young stable mate for the Pantteri Knights, he is a friend to Bellae.

Vlug: a blue Kirvella dragon, he escorts the League of Truth to the Council of Kirvella.

white wizard





White Wizard: oppressive ruler of Ifrean. In Verngaurd the White Wizard is regarded as a boogeyman, an evil spirit whispered about and feared. He wears a white robe and white hat while carrying a gnarled wood staff. He is completely clean shaven and surprisingly young looking. His eyes seem to mystically glow.

Ystinen: this energetic old man from Jaa is a mystic healer turned scientist. Seestya, Sorea, Scelto, Bellae and Gimelli meet him when they travel through the Jaa “safe house” or consulate.





Zwerg: an Aer Ridire dragon rider. He happens to be short even by Northern Dwarf standards, but has very muscular arms. His hair and beard are brown.