Abernan, King: ruler of the Northern Dwarves. This fiery ruler is also in charge of the most ferocious section of the Northern Dwarf army, the red Dragon Warriors or Saatana Division. He often seeks guidance from the intelligent blue Kirvella Dragon’s.

Abhac: he is a member of the Northern Dwarves’ Cavalry, the Aer Ridire. Instead of horses, they ride green Vioma Dragons. He is friends with Knight Lovag.

Ailante: he is the head ruler, or Archerian, of the Elves of Creber. His bark-like skin has a distinctive grayish hue with tan and brown overtones which gives him a kind appearance. He wears soft gray robes.

Antiopay: Queen of Jaa, she is Princess Hamaza’s mother. She is a tough and pragmatic ruler with little sense of humor. Her allegiance swings to whomever can provide her country with the greatest security and peace.eaglians

Arachne: a guardian of the prophecy, she has a female human head and upper torso which flow into a spiders body. She has two human eyes and two spider eyes on her forehead. Two chelicera and fangs sprout from her cheeks. Four spider arms emerge from the human torso, and four from the spider-like section.

Arend: elite young Eaglian assigned to watch over squire Bellae. He comes from a prominent Eaglian family (his father is Aquila). His ancestors have been members of the League of Truth for eons. Arend underwent extensive training to guide the Chosen One with his long time friend, the Elf Kainen.

Arquero: Liberum Knight who qualifies for Tournament of Flags as an archery specialist.

Aquila: his family has been at the top of the Eaglian social ladder for countless generations. A fearless hunter and fighter, he is brave and intelligent. He is a member of the League of Truth. His son is Arend, his wife Lenella. His famous quote: “We (Eaglians) have the freedom of flight burdened by the human knowledge of the vast and cold emptiness of eternity. No other bird has such a concern.”