shadowBaiulus: steward of castle Liberum and friend of Friar Pallium. He always wears a serious and contemplative expression. Everything about him speaks of efficiency and tidiness including his shaved short hair. Even his face is well organized to avoid unnecessary effort. His eyes are small and observant; his compact nose is straight and proper.

Behalen: the black horse of Knight Lovag of Castle Liberum.

Bellae: younger sibling to twins Jumeaux and Gimelli, she is the youngest squire in Knight history. Shortly after her birth she was orphaned and taken to Castle Liberum. She was born with a gift long thought extinguished, conversing with animals. In fact, she learned to talk to animals before humans and feels more comfortable with her creature friends. This petite girl has sandy brown hair and large brown eyes. Her best human friend is fellow squire Lontas,warhounds with the eccentric cook of the castle, Cookie, a close second. Some believe she is the Chosen One spoken off in the ancient prophecy.

Boman: trainer of war hounds at Castle Liberum. Known for his gruff and simple disposition, he is not well liked.

Bondi: serves as head of Western Elves and is known for his formal and ostentatious disposition. He is famous for the gold silk shirt and pants, and the copious jewelry he adorns. His eyes are soft blue and the coloring of his mostly smooth face is tan. His distaste for the Elves of Creber is malicious and blatant.

Borb: this mouse lives under the Pantteri barracks of Castle Liberum, but loves to hide in his friend Bellae’s cloak pocket. He is a large white mouse with a black patch of fur around his right ear and circular patch around tail. He has the distinguishing characteristics of a squeaking voice and a jagged ear.