Cearta: head armorer at Castle Liberum, he is tall with a square head. His odd cranium combined with his long, beak like nose conjures up the image of an anvil. His rough chin bends down sharply, appearing to have melted after decades of sweltering next to the forge. His dark black eyes blaze like the fire he helps to control. His arms are muscular and his shoulders hulking.

Campesino: at six feet eight inches, this warrior from Ager is a huge man. A glance at his portly belly informs the onlooker of his fondness for ale and meat pie. Sandy hair flows just below his shoulders. Weapons: armored pole flails, massive broadsword, and three war hammers.

Capall-mara: this hippocamp is the mother of Ceffyl-Mor who meets the League of Truth and tries to help them solve the prophecy.

Ceffyl-Mor: this young hippocamp befriends Bellae; her mother is Capall-mara.

Chef Cookie: dedicated head chef of Castle Liberum. She is obsessed with her job and sees herself as a kitchen warrior, fighting hunger so the Knights can fight evil. Despite her passion, cleanliness is not her top priority and a very well seasoned apron stretches over her very rotund frame.

Chy (full name is Chyhrau-Nghyhyrau): this large and muscular boy is an Adjutant at the Academy of Magic. He likes to try and get kicked out of classes to hang out in his room. He is friends with Kaveri and befriends Jumeuax.

Crann: the reddish brown horse of Knight Finn. He is friends with squire Bellae. His mane is dark brown and, like all Cavalo horses from the Vahse plains, stands straight up eight inches off the crest of his head. His tail consists of thick cord-like strands that are twice the length of most horses.

Cruba: a centaur on Isle of Hirmulisko who befriends Bellae.