pisciumFalciss, Veli: the lean, mean, and aggressive leader of Castle Taiheart. Falciss greatly resents Friar Pallium and his style of leadership over the Knights. His castle is run with unyielding precision and he tolerates no deviation from his ideals. He seeks to bring austere training back to the Knights.

Fanga, Emperor: thick and volatile, it is hard to miss this boisterous ruler from Piscium. He wears a yellow cape and a gold crown studded with various pearls and jewels. He likes to carry both a large scepter topped with a shell native to Piscium called a simpukka, and a golden trident. A pepper gray beard dangles down from his plump and fiery face. Piercing sable eyes tell of a volcano of emotion bubbling below the surface.

Fenik: A fearsome warrior of the Proliator army. He is incredibly devout and is often seen leading prayer services. After the Tournament of Flags he will return to his outpost in Ragorsaf. He volunteered for that remote assignment as an offering for Tallcon.

finnFerratus Lanx: a vicious armored creature in the Desert of Calor. Their tear shaped heads are lined with armor and spikes. Their tails are hammers.

Fiacla: one of the last Daoine Crogall, or crocodile men, he has green scale on all of his body except forearms and hands. He is a guardian of the prophecy.

magifinoFinn: one of few Elves of Creber fighting with the Independent Knights. His passion is developing new weapons for hand to hand combat and siege warfare. Like all Elves of Creber he has dark brown skin with deep black ruts highlighted by a dusting of green and grey. Finn’s facial features are fine and thin, and seem so perfect in shape as to appear important. He wears leather armor with a silver tree upon his breast plate. His horse is Crann, and his squire is Bellae.

Fino: this thin, dark eyed Magician is tall and ill-tempered. He is an ambitious lackey who tries to become close to Veneficus.

Furasta: this Saatana dragon will fight the Proliator Red Guard during the Dragon Battles at the Tournament of Flags.