Gimelli: at fourteen years of age this squire for Knight Sorea is Bellae’s older sister, and Jumeaux’s twin brother. She is known for her positive attitude and kind disposition. She is sometimes referred to by the nickname, Lumi (a reference to her sunny temperament as Luminos is the second sun of Verngaurd). She and her brother Jumeaux can communicate telepathically. She has brown hair and yellow eyes.

Gleoi Dea: her mother was an Elf of Creber, and her father a human. She is a Knight of Castle Taiheart. Gleoi Dea’s skin is light tan without the harsh dark lines tracking down her face like some Elves. She rides a small, but fearsome looking, Kameli.

Gorm: a blue streaked falcon that befriends Bellae. He is a large white and brown bird with long pointed wings, each one has a thin blue stripe running down the middle.

Gretten: an irritable old guy who runs the supply store within the Academy of Magic. He is short and stocky with massively muscled arms and short deformed legs. He uses rings to swing form place to place within his circular little cage.

Grym: a small, but blustery mouse that lives under squire Bellae’s bed in the Pantteri barracks of Castle Liberum. This tiny dark black mouse is known for his gruff voice and small tail.