Hamata: a mysterious creature who lives in an oasis within the Desert of Calor. She has a lioness head, human woman’s body, and a lion’s tail. She is an eviga lejon, or eternal lion and guardian of the prophecy.

Hamaza, Princess: the stunningly beautiful princess of Jaa. She has strikingly dark black hair, smooth crisp skin completely devoid of blemish or wrinkle, and large dark eyes. She is thin but muscular.

Hephaeustus: is an armorer, blacksmith, designer, and sculptor in Castle Liberum.


Herra Isanta: a sleek well-muscled Western Elf warrior. Long black hair surrounds dark eyes. She wears black armor inlaid with gold, and a gold head band. Like all Western Elves she holds a nasty loathing for the Elves of Creber. She carries a slashing halberd that is seven feet long and ends in a spear tip.

Hullus: this is the Saatana dragon the Pantteri squad of Knights will fight during the Dragon Battles of the Tournament of Flags.

Honey: the large yellow-brown horse named for her color. Bellae befriends this horse in the stables of Liberum.