Ichor: a resident of the Dark Forest, he wears a red ruffled shirt with an ornate black surcoat and leather gloves. His boots are spotless and polished. His dress is totally out of place in his small muddy village. His dark hair is parted down the center and purposefully combed in an untamed manner. His smile reveals blindingly pristine teeth. His dark ebony eyes sit in cavernous shadows.


IleZuri: a fierce soldier with flowing blonde hair and several long braids on either side of his face. His powerful cheeks guard concave dimples and a square military jaw. His soft yellow eyes are wide and observant. He carries a large wooden bow with blades on either end. He is the protector and voice for the silent Tacet-Vand.

Isa, Friar: Pallium’s father. He is known as the Friar who squandered the Knights’ power. (Born: 36 Before the Dark Wars (B.D.W.); Knighted: 18 B.D.W.; became Friar: 1 B.D.W.; Died: 36 After Dark Wars (A.D.W.))