Kainen: this Elf of Creber is thirteen yeas old. He is the son of Kempe and Grandson of Patuljak. He is a hereditary member of the League of Truth. Like all in his family he has been trained to guard and guide the Chosen One. This difference between Kainen and his ancestors is, the time of the prophecy has finally arrived.

Kaveri: this young man is an adjutant at the Academy of Magic. He meets Jumeaux and the two become friends.

Kempe: he is one of the largest Elves in the history of Creber. He is the son of Patuljak (the Grand Master Elf), and father of Kainen. All three generations are League of Truth members. He escorts the recently orphaned newborn Bellae and her twin siblings to Castle Liberum.

Klaufi: Lontas’ horse, an old hackney. He is so old his fur has turned grey.

Kuningas: the King of the Fairies is blustery and boisterous with voracious appetites. At only eighteen inches tall he is short even for Fairies. What he lacks in height he makes up for in girth. His wings are brown with splotches of white that resemble bird droppings. He has beady, but intense, eyes. His vivacious voice rings gleefully from under the canopy of a large nose hanging lazily from the middle of his face.