Lenella: this stately Eaglian is wife to Aquila, mother of Arend.

Lidenskap: extremely ambitious and devote Proliator General. The Knights meet him on their journey to the Tournament of Flags. Although he has a history of abhorring the Knights, he has a dream that the way to peace is to convert them to Tallcon.

Liha: a frail looking girl living in the Dark Forest. She wears a black cloak with red inside lining. Her jet black hair is straight and long.

Lontas: at nine and a half years of age his cerebral basket is overflowing while his athletic hamper is withered. He is widely regarded as the clumsiest human on the planet. His one true friend is fellow squire Bellae. Loving to read late into the night, he is often the last to wake up. Being the target of bullying has made him insecure. Lovag is his Knight.

Lovag: a devoted learner, this quiet and kind man almost became a tutor instead of a Knight. He was just too good of a fighter and loved the meticulous training required to master archery. He carries a thin scimitar sword but greatly prefers archery. His horse is Behalen and Lontas is his squire.

Luchar: this turbulent Knight is not exactly a people person. His fierceness is matched only by his temper. His stout body is thickly muscled, but he is also capable of finesse and speed on the battlefield. Dark hair and blazing eyes quickly turn red with anger. He carries a unique double concave shield. Heavy weapons are his favorite, particularly a double-sided axe and a heavy hammer with a spiked top. Jumeaux is his squire.