knightsPallium, Friar: leader of the Independent Knights, he currently resides in their primary castle, Liberum. He was a boy during the First Dark Wars. While not technically a hereditary leadership, Friar Pallium’s family has been leading the Knights for generations. It was his father, Isa, who was Friar during the devastating Dark Wars. Many blame Isa’s poor leadership and capitulatory nature on the Knight’s downfall.

Pallium has spent his life obsessing on how to be a better leader and regain the Knight’s former glory and assets. Pallium does not wear armor, even in battle, instead wearing simple gray robes. His hair is gray with a few residual speckles of black framing his blue eyes.

Patuljak: originally an Elf from Creber, he was elected as Grand Master Elf; this position is mandated to keep peace between the two Elf nations. His son is Kempe and his grandson is Kainen. Despite the sag in his ancient bark like skin, there is an unmistakable twinkle of vitality in his deep green-brown eyes. After several attempts on his life he was forced into exile and has turned his attention to his hereditary vocation, leader of the League of Truth.

Pinguis, Veli: as leader, or Veli, of Castle Toil Shaor, he relies on an apathetic approach to his leadership and training. While his Knights find his languor refreshing, Veli Falciss looks on him with abhorrence. A joyful disposition emanates from his massive girth.

Prast: a hard-liner Master Clericus. His devotion to Tallcon is extreme and unshakable. He wears dark blue robes. Long graying brown hair flows underneath a headband with a star and red phoenix. He is the Magician who delivers the message to the independent Knights that they can no longer use the title of “Friar.”

Pugnatex: a Saatana dragon who is famous for giving his life defending the Kirvella Dragons long ago against a Proliate attack.

Pumilus: he is known as one of the thinnest Dwarves alive. His bright red hair is sparse and fine, very un-Dwarf like. He was originally from the Southern Dwarf Kingdom, but was exiled due to his perceived weakness. He now lives in the Rebelde Plains and is adept at prestidigitation.