Rhyfeler: the flamboyant constable of Liberum. He is in charge of the gatehouse and defense of the castle. He has flowing, yellow-blonde hair and a scruffy face. Brutally hard on the Knights assigned to the gatehouse and walls, he is friendly to squires. He wears a yellow surcoat with a black bird of prey.

Ritari: captain or fanrik of all Knights within Liberum. This large hulking man has black hair shaved tight above coarse facial features. He tends to lead by example. He is widely regarded as the best fighter of all the Knights. He wears a large black chest plate decorated with a central panther in relief. His shoulders are covered in black pauldron’s with panther claws. His favorite weapon is a tarvella spear, it has a tip so large and lethal it is more like a sword.

Rusty, the Varuste: the “equipment manager,” he lives at the end of the Pantteri barracks. This sincere, but simple man, is often made fun of by some of the squires and called “Crusty” or “K-Rusty.”