fairiesSanar: a well respected Parantaa or healer at Castle Liberum.

Sankari: a Fairy from Cappadocia known for her sassy wit and quick temper. Her fragile looking bifid wings beat furiously and increase with her angst. Her wings are dark brown with occasional tan spots. Coarse looking dark brown hair perches above her petite features. She is a member of the League of Truth.

Sarskil: this special forces Northern Dwarf is a member of the Vasama Division. He has dark blue eyes and sandy brown hair tied with blue Kirvella Dragon scales. He is the special liaison to the League of Truth when they come to visit.

Scelto: thirteen and a half years of age, he is the size of an average adult male with the muscles to match. Despite his large dimensions and being squad leader, he is unassuming to the point of being shy. Always kind to the underdog, he looks out for Lontas and Bellae. He is Ritari’s squire.

Seestya: master trainer of Jaa who travels to the Citadel for the Tournament of Flags where he meets the Pantteri Knights from Liberum.

Soma: a veteran Vioma Dragon that befriends Bellae. His most distinguishing characteristic is a torn right ear.

somaSorea: one of the last female Knights. A skilled mechanician, she is constantly redesigning catapults and trebuchets to go further and be more destructive. She wears her long black hair in a pony tail standing up from the top of her head. She carries a crossbow with a gold eagle head at the front. Her favorite weapon is a pair of tallons. These are two sharp blades that fit on the outside of each of her forearms. Gimelli is her squire.

Star: a fat stable cat with the Pantteri squad in Castle Liberum.

Storlax: devout High commander of all Proliate armies. He is short and stout, with very large shoulders and upper body. He wears all red armor.

Stralande: the elder of the Council of Kirvella who interrupts the Council’s dialectic to focus them on Bellae. Tattered and bent, a pair of glasses tenuously hang on the end of his snout. His ancient blue scales are ragged and fraying.

Sumar: a weak and sickly boy, his greatest dream is to be a Knight one day. He meets the Knights at the Tournament of Flags.

Surkea: she has two boys (Hengeton and Kuollut) from the village of Kippe. Wrought with grief she was driven mad by their death. The Knights from Liberum visit the village after receiving a call for help.

Svika: a poor villager who directs the Knights as they travel to the Tournament. His daughter is Vanalia and wife Koniena.