runorVakava: one of the rulers of the Rebelde plains, he is a Dwarf. His ancestors were some of the first to develop prestidigitation while living in the Southern Dwarf Kingdom centuries ago. When they complained prestidigitation was being misused, they were banished from the mines and traveled to the Rebelde Plains, bringing the art of prestidigitation with them. He wears a loose fitting gray tunic with chain mail under it. His beard is trimmed and tight like you would see on a Dwarf only in the Rebelde Plains.

Valkea: this elderly village leader is easily recognized with his long white beard. He has a painful discussion with Friar Pallium after the Knights answer a call for help.

Valo: these magical floating lights in Veneficus’ office have a foul temper and earned their nickname of floating crab apples. These round balls of illumination have human faces but no appendages. Their names: Alberto, Alfonso, Allessandro, Carmine, Deangelo, Enzo, Giovanni, Ignazio, Nino, Peppino.

Vanalia: a young girl from a poor village not far from the Northern Dwarves. Her father is Svika. She had a distant relative who was a Knight, Dana. She and her family travel with the Knights to the Citadel for the Tournament of Flags.

Varg: this Knight is the squad leader of the Ulven, or wolf squad, of Liberum. Varg has a wolf’s head, the symbol of their squad, draped over his helmet and part of its pelt down his back. He carries a weapon called a tappaja (a savage axe sits on one side of a four foot long pole; on the other is a dismounting or disemboweling hook).

Velox: Proliator who is regarded as the fastest man in Verngaurd. Like Fenik, he volunteered to go to Ragorsaf outpost for the glory the harsh conditions would garner.

Veneficus, Supreme Master Magician: eons old, no one knows or can fathom his age. He has been protector of Verngaurd for all recorded history. He has battled his arch rival, the White Wizard, down through the ages-striving to keep him and his hordes in Ifrean and out of Verngaurd. His robes are blue with yellow stars. The largest of the mindre crystals rests on his crosier. His wizened face is hemmed in a gray goatee. His mostly gray hair is down to his waist and sometimes in a ponytail. He rides Runor, a pegasus.

Virone or Vir: a young stable mate for the Pantteri Knights, he is a friend to Bellae.

Vlug: a blue Kirvella dragon, he escorts the League of Truth to the Council of Kirvella.