This is where the action takes place - Verngaurd! See the information below.

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Vergaurd map

This ecologically diverse region consists of an immense mainland, diminutive islands encircling the major landmass, and a series of substantial islands to the southeast and east. The massive Tingij Mountains run down the center of the mainland, broken only by the steep gully known as the Way of Trepas. Elves and Fairies originally evolved to the west of the Tingij, while humans and Dwarves developed to the east.

Three suns, Mardin, Luminos, and Pheobus, provide ample light across the diverse Verngaurdian landscape. Frozen tundra marks the Northeast corner, while the Desert of Calor nestles in the Southwest. Fertile farmland, grassy plains, massive volcanoes, marshes, and diverse forests round out the scenery.