§ “The Far Forest Scrolls trilogy is overflowing with action, adventure, magical creatures and unforgettable characters.” NYT Fantasy Books (

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§ “Cleverly disguised amongst the unforgettable characters and the magical landscape you find a story that harkens back to a time when books were a major source of entertainment, education and enlightenment.” Dr. Henrik Evjen (former Professor of History)


§ “There is an intelligent, almost intellectual, feel to the elaborate medieval landscape painted within the Far Forest Scrolls.” Linguist Dr. Isaiah James

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§ “Although the adventure is a true original, the Far Forest Scrolls have the fantasy and magic of The Lord of the Rings combined with more battles and gore than the movie, 300.” Nox of NYT Fantasy Books (

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§ “It is ironic that it took a discovery from the ancient past to shatter the mold of what it means to be a fantasy novel.” Rông Quinn (fantasy reviewer)

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§ “Full of heartfelt emotion and passionate depth, the pages of the Far Forest Scrolls are a waterfall of life lessons flowing within the framework of mythological creatures, magic, and bloody battles.” Dr. Radek “RC” Novotny {principle translator of the Far Forest Scrolls (}


§ “The rich detail compressed within the FFS is so intense and structural that at times the pages read like a historical text despite the impassioned fantasy narrative.” Andreas Koch (in charge of scroll restoration


§ We are happy to announce the Far Forest Scrolls trilogy has been named a NYT Fantasy Books Best loved/seller! (