fairiesA magical region in the Northwest corner of Verngaurd shaped by ancient volcanoes and centuries of waterways. Tall tan and black rock spires, known as fairy chimneys, are home to the Fairies. Delectable mushrooms grow hugging the rock walls. Sprite streams run in between the rock spires with flowing swirls of color from the fragrant flowers growing in and around the waterways. Sprites and their Spriggan live in these lush areas.



Fairies: Thin and wiry, they stand two feet tall. They are tan colored with rough brown hair. They have claws on each finger, and thin, but strong, bifid wings.Weapons are a blow dart, atlatl, and peccary tusk spears. Their clothes are a burnt red or dull reddish-brown material taken from the skin of some of the tougher mushrooms.


sprites and spriggens


Sprites: About six inches tall, each Sprite has a unique color, or mix of colors. Their insectile faces are elongated with two antennae. Sharpened fangs hang over the lower lip, hiding a tube-like proboscis for feasting on the water from the streams which is ripe with nutrition from thick pollen. They can use blow darts to kill fish/small prey and defend themselves.

Spriggan: These odd creatures are intimately connected to Sprites. After being born colorless they transform to exactly match the color of the Sprite who chooses them during the rite of Desumo. They are equally at home in the air and water. They have long snouts and prehensile tongues for fishing nectar out of the many aquatic and field flowers growing around the River Imir.


cappadocia flag

Capital: Castle Gorem

Ruled by: King Kuningas; a Fairy

Champion: Unknown

Flag (rarely used): a rainbow of colors streaking horizontal and vertical

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