magiciansThe number of Magicians has fluctuated greatly through the ages. As the Proliate rose to power around the First Dark Wars they linked themselves with the Magicians who took over the role of priest for their religious ceremonies. This led to the creation of the Academy of Magic, and for the first time, large scale training of Magicians (previously it was by a one to one apprenticeship only).mind crystal

Each Magician bears a crosier topped with a single mindre crystal. The mindre are known as the lesser magical crystals. With practice and the proper enchantment they can conjure spells of awesome power. Eventually, however, the mindre crystals will lose power. The more they are used, the quicker they need to be rejuvenated. The magic can be restored by incubating the mindre with the true source of magic, the ten Macht or power-crystals. With the increasing numbers of Magicians the mindre crystals have quickly started to lose their potency.

Unfortunately, the Macht crystals were stolen eons ago. The group that did so stated the theft was committed to prevent them from falling into the hands of a coming evil that would destroy Verngaurd. However, with the White Wizard and his Dark Warriors resurfacing, the Magicians and all of Verngaurd are feeling vulnerable.

There are four classes of Magicians. At the bottom are the Novices, they wear red hats and robes. Studies at this level take two to ten years. Apprentice: The second level takes one to five years depending on ability and study. Green robes with hood, hair expected to be in a ponytail. Adjutants: It takes a minimum of six years to advance to master. Yellow hooded robes with blue stars. Yellow headbands and pony tail holder.magician star The final level is Master. They wear blue robes and a blue head band with a large gold star in the middle. Hair is expected to be a ponytail tied with plain blue fabric. At this level they finally get their own crosier with a magical mindre crystal. The magicians’ symbol: a star with elements of the sun (the ray like arms) and sky (the blue).

The Magicians raise and train griffins for travel and battle. Supreme Master Veneficus rides Runor, the one pegasus alive in the world.

magician master

magicians flag


Capital: The Citadel

Ruled by: Supreme Master Veneficus

Champion: N/A

Flag: Blue with stylized yellow star

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