northern dwarvesTaller than their Southern Cousins, they work in a symbiotic relationship with the dragons. Their stout men are known for their thick hair and beards while the women are much shorter with a lean and balefully aspect.

The Dwarves of the north help the dragons mind the magma irrigation ditches and reservoirs to manage the constantly erupting volcanoes of Keha Haudella and Mount Honoo. They use the molten magma to work their foundries.

Their army has three segments, one for each type of dragon.


saatan dwarves



Those in the red Saatana Division are known as Dragon Warriors. They carry the infamous Draak sword notable for its protruding razor sharp spikes up the entire length of the blade. Their flag: a red dragon against a silver background.


vioma dwarves


The Vioma or Green Division has an infantry and a cavalry. Instead of horses their mounted troops ride Vioma dragons and are called Aer Ridire. They wear green tunics below their dragon winged helmets. The infantry prefers large shields with heavy axes and war hammers. The Aer Ridire prefer “S” shaped or sine short swords and crossbows. The Aer Ridire use a crude language to communicate with the Vioma dragons. Flag: a green pennant with the white outline of a dragon.


vasama dwarves


The Vasama are the blue clad Special Forces. They work in small, mobile units of ten to twelve. Their long hair is dreadlocked with the small blue scales of Kirvella dragons. They specialize in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and logistics. Excellent craftsdwarves, they have two highly curved medium swords and a variety of throwing weapons. They ride gliders launched by Vioma. Flag: a white background with a blue dragon.

Capital: Koori Mountains

Ruled by: The Dragon King Abernan

Champion: Unknown

Flag: See above (each of the three factions has its own flag based on the associated dragon.)