pisciumThe only true sailors in Verngaurd other than the Mariners, the members of this aquatic society are based in the Northeast of Verngaurd. They are known for their great passion and quick temper. Their spirit makes them unpredictable.

The first to be attacked by the Dark Warriors, they hastily threw together an army with two divisions. Despite their fearsome weaponry they are poorly trained and prone to disorderly behavior. The first division is the Retiarian: the second is called the Suoli.suoli

They wear distinctive chest armor made from simpukka dried mussel shells. They are found only off the northern coast of Piscium and considered a national treasure. The tough shells are baked in a thin iron coating resulting in a blue green hue.

The Retiarians wear a large manica or shoulder and arm guard on their left side. They carry a weighted net to entangle their opponent’s weapon and a six foot trident. They also wield the devastating anclas. On one end three prongs jut out before curving menacingly around into a “C” shape. If it managed to strike an unarmored abdomen, the victim would be eviscerated. The opposite end has two main sharpened beak-like blades which arch in opposite directions.

The Suoli bear shields of a unique design. The bottom part splays out like the tail of a whale. Around the lower section is a reinforced net to entangle spears and swords. They brandish the iaculum or disemboweling spear. Down the shaft it has several backwards facing barbs to entangle bowels or other organs and rip them out.emperor

Fanga, Emperor: thick and volatile, it is hard to miss this boisterous ruler from Piscium. He wears a yellow cape and a gold crown studded with various pearls and jewels. He carries a large scepter topped with a shell native to Piscium called a simpukka.


piscian flag

Capital: Pescare

Ruled by: Emperor Fanga works with a senate, with representatives of all of the parishes within Piscium. Each parish sends three elected representatives.

Champion: Cetarius

Flag: Their flag has a yellow trident and spear forming an “X” across it. Occasionally it will have pale blue seashells, anchors, or stylized fish.