southern dwarves realmThe Southern Dwarves have adapted to life underground as they insatiably mine precious metals, silver, gold, and jewels. Despite being called a “kingdom,” the last hereditary king died centuries ago. They are ruled by a High Council with two representatives from each of the major mines within their mountainous home. They are shorter, with much larger eyes, than the Dwarves of the North.

Their armor and weapons are highly decorated and intricate. Despite the gaudy appearance, their armor and weapons are still highly effective, thanks to their considerable forging skills.

Masters of prestidigitation (an illusory or fake magic performed with Loitsia control sticks,) they often fool unsuspecting buyers.


southern dwarves flag


Capital: Mines of Teras

Ruled by: Representative High Council

Champion: Hystum

Flag: Brown background covered with depictions of precious jewels and metals around an axe and a sword.

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